Our Services

We analyze data, develop HPC software, and provide R&D services for labs.

Data analysis

We analyze large amounts of data from different sources (industry, satellites, laboratories) using GPU acceleration and machine learning to quickly obtain accurate and meaningful results.

HPC software development

We develop new and reprocess existing numerical code to run on CPU and GPU clusters, with the emphasis on speed and accuracy of execution.

R&D services

Do you need a new prototype of measuring equipment? Or a new numerical model for your measurements? We can develop both!

Our Solutions are used in...

image Different satellites, e.g. from the EU Earth observation program Copernicus, provide us with huge amount of images on a daily basis. The diversity of information obtained from these images includes e.g. surface temperature, snow coverage, vegetation indexes, displacements, air pollution, to name just a few.

Analysis of images and, therefore, extraction of information is most efficiently performed on GPUs. For our partners, we implemented GPU parallelized algorithms for analysis of images obtained with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and hyper-spectral cameras.

image In production, streams of data are being produced constantly from monitoring devices. Such time dependent data contain information which is accessible after performing timing analysis. Given the nature of data, sometimes common algorithms and approaches are not efficient enough if the amount of data is huge.

Using GPUs, we can speed up timing analysis of temporal data. We use GPU accelerated algorithms, which we developed for ESA for analyzing data from X-ray space observatories. For our clients, we used these solutions to analyze their data, e.g. getting information from different periodograms and correlations.

image Do you ever wish you had a piece of equipment, which would measure and provide real-time analysis in exactly the way you wanted? And to have full support, updates, and upgrades to the equipment? In these cases, it is often better to have a custom-made equipment, developed according to your specific needs.

Having a team with broad knowledge, we can analyze your requirements, come up with an optimal solution, and implement it according to your wishes. For example, we developed for our customer an optical measurement system (hardware and software), which is used to control part of the production line.

image We develop mathematical models for on-line and land-based casino games and assist in the implementation process.

We can build efficient simulators for statistical analyses of games.

Extensive familiarity with gambling industry allows us to support and provide consulting at game certification process for different gambling authority jurisdiction requirements.

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